Tees for Two? Tees for You.

Who’s that over there then?Famous TV star, MOIST just realised today we’ve been a little forgetful with the pictures from the last Komiyama Fronttwo games. In all the excitement of comedy “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin” photos we completely forgot about what you, the punter, wants.

MOIST are no mathologists, as you very well know, but we know tee lovers when we see them and we humbly apologise for leaving you out in the cold recently. To your left and your right are the tees from the Oita game (Aria – a nice little number using the ANA logo) and the Omiya game Aria Front(Komiyama – small shrine on a mountain ahoy).

Ah, the tees. Good times, I think you will all agree but, in news that may shock the sporting world to its Komiyama Backcore, there may only be two more MOIST tees. Yes, Kashima away and FC Tokyo at home will be the last two matches MOIST attend for a number of months.

On April 6th, MOIST is relocating to Singapore for between 3 to 6 months due to getting a real job.

Aria BackFear not, though, MOISTettes, you will not be completely in the dark. MOIST will battle bravely against time and space to keep you upto date with all the opinions of the Marinos faithful thanks partly to P2P but mostly to WimmoTranslationsInc and HolderGraphicsCorp.

The news of MOIST’s departure has, of course, rocked the foundations of the Yokohama F-Marinos but the players have pledged to remain strong in the face of such upheaval and MOIST would have it any other way.

Kuwahara TakashiKuwahara: “Obviously, this is a huge blow to our campaign this season. We have started the season so well, bouyed mostly by some great artwork, and hope that we can really do well this season for MOIST. The players are keeping their fingers crossed for a speedy return but we all know these are dark days and we have to buckle down and fight hard.”

Kawai RyujiKawai: “When the gaffer told us the news I have to admit I wept slightly. I was fortunate enough to meet MOIST at the fan festa and, although he was 3 foot taller than me, I could really feel his passion and commitment to the club. I truly believe I was touched by an Angel that day. Although there are some rumours a fairy touched my bum.

LopesLopes: “Bono estente. On a gremos escouta et  meeeng! E coco a coupa yich yah wich. Na tandra milio Patagonia. Ak nopo dopro filla whisakas. Full-a-meaty goodness. Regardo tip, I say Foghorn Leghorn. Nutra bend testicular pss-shit la grado pik mit la fumbo, Chris Waddle. Hethethetheth methethetheth, Richard and Judy. Boutros, boutros gali”

Shimizu NorihisaShimizu: “I’m glad he’s leaving. Maybe now people will stop asking how much I charge.”




No offence, Lopes.

What’s up there then?Famous TV star, MOIST, will be holding a charity tee sale on April 2nd before the FC Tokyo game at Mitsuzawa for those of you who are in Japan and would like to get your hands on classic memorabilia. Pay as little or as much as you want for such classics as Lopes, Suzuki, Kawai, Fushitsu and many, many more.





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2 responses to “Tees for Two? Tees for You.

  1. hahaha!!! Lopes is a comical genius!!
    Fear not MOIST for you will never be alone in following our great club. you will soon be back to the Nissan in no time!

  2. Mikey Obnoxious Griffin

    This is the best post ever.

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