Tricolore Pride

Beer. Only in Hokkaido.That, my friends, is a Classic. One small problem, it’s only available in Hokkaido. That’s a long way to go for a beer. Not to fear, though, because other things are classics. Those 3 goons over there, they’re on the way Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!to making something classic (although the bloke in the middle has yet to pull his finger out due to sofa reasons but he’ll be looking to contribute early doors next week).

What in God’s name are they making that will be such a fine vintage? Will it be as quality as the legendary Kick Off F-Marinos? Of course 100% living, breathing quality.not. Nothing will ever surpass the brilliance of 7 old fellas in front of a shabby Marinos flag with one chantikofmburd.jpgng “Ready, steady, go” before they all limply raise their fists and give a cry of “F-Marinos.” Take it from MOIST even the lovely lady who co-presents the show is aware of the comedy value of a gang of old fellas giving it some. How does MOIST know this? Well, we had the good fortune of being near her on the train to Omiya. Curse our foolish selves that we didn’t get some photos.

Back on track, though. WimmoTranslationsInc and HolderGraphicsCorp in association with MOISTPublishingAndAllAroundGeneralBrilliance are proud to present Tricolore Pride.

All the news from the official website in English. When the whole thing is up and running (ie when MOIST pulls its finger out) the site will contain everything you need to know about the Marinos from how to buy tickets and how to get to the stadium to the name of the Chairman’s favourite brandy. Not only that but you will get a full whack of information about every other J-League team.

Now, obviously MOIST is the place to come for ranting and ill-informed views but when you need cold hard facts, Tricolore Pride is the only place to go.


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