What is MOIST?

6 deep with kick off approaching.

Welcome to the Offical Homepage of M.O.I.S.T. [Marinos Official International Supporters Team].
We here at MOIST are dedicated to maintaining certain ideals. Our ideals include just getting totally wrecked, preferably whilst watching footy. Wearing homemade sleeveless t’s, preferably whilst watching footy whilst being, or being on the way to being, totally wrecked. We also enjoy the total barbarity that comes with the upholding of these ideals.


10 responses to “What is MOIST?

  1. Hi, MOIST,
    I am nari(http://nari.main.jp/blog/), one of marinos supporters, and maintain the marinos blog crawling system:FMBH(http://fmbh.jp).
    Can I crawl and introduce your blog on FMBH?

  2. MOIST

    Hi Nari

    Thanks for your message, of course you can introduce the MOIST blog on FMBH.


  3. Thanks, MOIST!
    and your blog have been added to FMBH!
    I will enjoy to read your blog, thanks!

  4. Kev

    Looking forward to the upcoming season. This will be the first season I try to follow the Marinos from the US. As you might imagine, it is a little tough to get Marinos coverage here… I have, however, seen the Marinos play against the Galaxy here in LA in a somewhat uninspiring 2-1 win a few years ago. Your site is a public service. You are truly doing god’s work. One Question: How important is beer to your support of the Marinos?

  5. MOIST


    I hope you can enjoy every moment on the 2008 season vicariously through MOIST. With any luck this season will see more in the way of highlights uploaded for your viewing pleasure.
    Your question is a good one. Beer is , obviously, very important to MOIST but to suggest MOIST needs beer to support the Marinos is really rather churlish. MOIST, you see, needs the beer to put up with poor play of the shower of buffoons on the other side of the pitch. And the officials.

  6. Kev

    Ah, thank you for the clarification. I’m with you on the officials for sure. Imagine my surprise to find I have churled? I didn’t know I could do that. Thank you MOIST! You’ve already begun enriching my life, and I just started reading!

  7. Hey MOIST,

    Been following the site regularly and loyally. Read that you are relocating to Singapore. Bummer. How will us pseudo-MOIST fans keep up with the updates on Marinos news while you are away?

    Anyway, I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and happens to be – I work with a luxury coach company plying the Singapore – KL route so if anytime you want to travel – drop me an email. We’ll give a complimentary trip for you – between one Marinos fan to another.

    Check out our website and drop me an email. It would be great to meet up with another Marinos fans at this region.

  8. MOIST

    Riznal, thanks for the very kind offer. I think I will take you up on the offer for sure. Would be great to meet up and talk Marinos with you.
    I’ll be in touch!

  9. Shizuoka Dolphin

    S-Pulse fan and occasional reader of the blog, so Hi!

    Will be hitting The Nissan for the first time Saturday and hoping for a result like last year (not likely given our shocking start to the season). Looking forward to adding a new ground to my list, but not so much to being surrounded by 50000 empty seats… No idea how possible it is, but if you could add 10000 seats to the Mitsuzawa, that’d be a far better venue for most your games.

    Anyway – see you Sat!

  10. Woj

    Hi MOIST,
    I am a huge F. Marinos fan from Canada. I saw them LIVE last season and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been trying to follow them this season but it’s been really difficult to get any coverage except on the F. Marino website and your site… that is, until the updates stopped. What’s up?

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