Here are the complete fixtures for 2008. J-League first then Nabisco Cup and, finally, the Emperor’s Cup. The results will be added in after the games have been played with the Marinos score first. Other team’s comedy nicknames are included in brackets.


March 8 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Urawa Reds (Okama Bottlers) 1-0

March 15  – A (Sapporo Dome) vs Consadole Sapporo 2-1

March 30 – A (Kashima Stadium) vs Kashima Antlers (Kashima Merde)

April 2 – H (Nippatsu) vs FC Tokyo (FC Gas)

April 5 – A (Toyota Stadium) vs Nagoya Grampus

April 12 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Kashiwa Reysol

April 19 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Shimizu S-Pulse

April 26 – A (Big Eye) vs Oita Trinita

April 29 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs JEF Chiba (Disney F Sea)

May 3 – A (National Stadium) vs Tokyo Verdy (Midori Mushi)

May 6 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Omiya Ardija

May 11 – A (Banpaku Stadium) vs Gamba Osaka

May 17 – A (Kagoshima Kamoike Stadium) vs Kyoto Sanga

June 28 – H (Nissan Stadium) Jubilo Iwata (Zubilo Inaka)

July 6 – A (Todoroki Stadium) vs Kawasaki Frontale (Kawasaki Unkotale)

July 13 – H (Nippatsu) Albirex Niigata

July 16 – A (Home Stadium) vs Vissel Kobe

July 20 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Kashima Antlers

July 26 – A (Aijinomoto Stadium) vs FC Tokyo

August 9/10 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Gamba Osaka

August 16/17 – A (Nihondaira) vs Shimizu S-Pulse

August 23/24 – H (Mitsuzawa) vs Consadole Sapporo

August 28 – A (Nack 5) vs Omiya Ardija

September 13 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Vissel Kobe

September 20 – A (Ecopa) vs Jubilo Iwata

September 23 – H (TBA) vs Kawsaki Frontale

September 27 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Oita Trinita

October 4 – A (Big Swan) vs Albirex Niigata

October 19 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Nagoya Grampus

October 25 – A (Kashiwa Hitachi-dai) vs Kashiwa Reysol

November 8 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Kyoto Sanga

November 2 – A (Fukuda Arena) vs JEF Chiba

November 29 – H (Nissan Stadium) vs Tokyo Verdy

December 6 – A (Saitama Stadium) vs Urawa Reds

Nabisco Cup

March 20 – H (Nippatsu) vs Oita Trinita 1-0

March 23 – A (Nack 5) vs Omiya Ardija 0-0

April 16 – H (Nippatsu) vs Omiya Ardija

May 25 – H (Nippatsu) vs Albirex Niigata

May 31 – A (Big Eye) vs Oita Trinita

June 8 – A (Big Swan) vs Albirex Niigata

Emperor’s Cup


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