Here is the current F-Marinos squad and coaching staff. Nicknames frequently used by MOIST have also been included because, let’s be honest here, half the time you probably have no idea what we’re talking about.

All appearances and goals are for the Marinos only and not any other dirty, stinking teams the players have had the misfortune to play for.


Kuwahara Takashi桑原 隆

Kuwahara Takashi

Date of Birth (D/M/Y): 5/5/1948



Enomoto Tetsuya1. 榎本 哲也

Enomoto Tetsuya

Date of Birth: 2/5/83

Appearances/Goals: 122/0

Takakuwa Daijiro21. 高桑 大二朗

Takakuwa Daijiro

Date of Birth: 10/8/73

Appearances/Goals: 2/0

Iikura Hiroki31. 飯倉 大樹

Iikura Hiroki

Date of Birth: 1/6/86

Appearances/Goals: 1/0

Akimoto Yota36. 秋元 陽太

Akimoto Yota

Date of Birth: 11/7/87

Appearances/Goals: 0/0


matsuda naoki3. 松田 直樹

Matsuda Naoki

Date of Birth: 14/3/77

Appearances/Goals: 391/22

kurihara yuzo4. 栗原 勇蔵

Kurihara Yuzo

Date of Birth: 18/9/83

Appearances/Goals: 125/5

Komiyama Takanobu13. 小宮山 尊信

Komiyama Takanobu

Date of Birth: 3/10/84

Appearances/Goals: 32/0

Nakazawa Yuji22. 中澤 佑二

Nakazawa Yuji (Bomberhead)

Date of Birth: 25/2/78

Appearances/Goals: 201/14

Tashiro Masakazu23. 田代 真一

Tashiro Masakazu

Date of Birth: 26/6/88

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Kanai Takeshi24. 金井 貢史

Kanai Takeshi

Date of Birth: 5/2/90

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Tanaka Yusuke26. 田中 裕介

Tanaka Yusuke

Date of Birth: 14/4/86

Appearances/Goals: 20/1

Urata Nobuhisa28. 浦田 延尚

Urata Nobuhisa

Date of Birth: 13/9/89

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Umei Daiki33. 梅井 大輝

Umei Daiki

Date of Birth: 5/10/89

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Amano Takashi35. 天野 貴史

Amano Takashi

Date of Birth: 13/4/86

Appearances/Goals: 7/0


Kawai Ryuji6. 河合 竜二

Kawai Ryuji

Date of Birth: 14/7/78

Appearances/Goals: 139/7

Tanaka Hayuma7. 田中 隼磨

Hayuma Tanaka

Date of Birth: 31/7/82

Appearances/Goals: 184/11

Lopes8. ロペス


Date of Birth: 1/6/79

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Yamase Koji10. 山瀬 功治

Yamase Koji

Date of Birth: 22/9/81

Appearances/Goals: 91/21

Kano Kenta14. 狩野 健太

Kano Kenta

Date of Birth: 2/5/86

Appearances/Goals: 48/4

Yamase Yukihiro16. 山瀬 幸宏

Yamase Yukihiro (Mini Me, Mini Yamase)

Date of Birth: 22/4/84

Appearances/Goals: 50/5

Hyodo Shingo17. 兵藤 慎剛

Hyogo Shingo

Date of Birth: 29/7/85

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Inui Takashi19. 乾 貴士

Inui Takashi

Date of Birth: 2/6/88

Appearances/Goals: 10/0

Yamamoto Fumiya25. 山本 郁弥

Yamamoto Fumiya

Date of Birth: 12/7/88

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Hasegawa Aria Jasuru29. 長谷川 アーリア ジャスール

Hasegawa Aria Jasuru

Date of Birth: 29/10/88

Appearances/Goals: 2/0

Ogura Shohei30. 小椋 祥平

Ogura Shohei

Date of Birth: 8/9/85

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Furube Kenta32. 古部 健太

Furube Kenta

Date of Birth: 30/11/85

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Ishihara Taku34. 石原 卓

Ishihara Taku

Date of Birth: 3/10/88

Appearances/Goals: 0/0


Roni9. ロニー


Date of Birth: 28/4/77

Appearances/Goals: 0/0

Sakata Daisuke11. 坂田 大輔

Sakata Daisuke

Date of Birth: 16/1/83

Appearances/Goals: 209/52

Oshima Hideo15. 大島 秀夫

Oshima Hideo

Date of Birth: 7/3/80

Appearances/Goals: 113/34

Shimizu Norihisa18. 清水 範久

Shimizu Norihisa (Everyone’s favourite Thai ladyboy)

Date of Birth: 4/10/76

Appearances/Goals: 142/14

Mizunuma Kota20. 水沼 宏太

Mizunuma Kota

Date of Birth: 22/2/90

Appearances/Goals: 3/0

Saito Yosuke27. 斎藤 陽介

Saito Yosuke

Date of Birth: 7/4/88

Appearances/Goals: 15/1

Coaching Staff

Haruo Yuki結城 治男

Haruo Yuki


Date of Birth:

Matsuhashi Riziko松橋 力蔵

Matsuhashi Riziko


Date of Birth:

Matsunaga Shigetatsu松永 成立

Matsunaga Shigetatsu

Goalkeeper Coach

Date of Birth:

Kosaka Yuki小坂 雄樹

Kosaka Yuki

Assistant Coach

Date of Birth:

Shinoda Yosuke篠田 洋介

Shinoda Yosuke

Physical Coach

Date of Birth:


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